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For Sunday, July 24, 2011: Year A

THE READING    Genesis 29:15-28
Last week’s reading from Genesis detailed the adventures of Jacob, who, after conning his brother out of his birthright, fled for his life. En route, he had an astonishing dream in which he met God at Bethel. When we next encounter Jacob, he has arrived safely at his uncle Laban’s house. Here he falls in love, makes a deal with the young lady’s father and holds up his end of it for seven years, enjoys his wedding feast—and discovers in the morning that he himself has been conned. As we will see, even through human beings’ bad dealing God can bring about God’s purposes.


THE EPISTLE    Romans 8:26-39
In today’s Epistle Paul continues to explain to the church at Rome and to us the same truths that Jacob was slowly learning about how God works: first, God is on our side irrespective of our weakness; second, it is God’s plan that we should grow up to be God’s own children; third, though the going may be (and probably will be) very rough, God loves us absolutely no matter what.

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